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Enhance your vehicle's emblem with the dynamic capabilities of high-intensity LEDs. Infuse your vehicle with an added dimension of style, individuality, and character. Effortless installation. Guaranteed resilience with 100% waterproof, rust-resistant, and water-resistant design. Enjoy smartphone control, with the option of a Bluetooth Controller for added convenience. Engineered and rigorously tested for quality assurance. Diverse Color Options:

  1. RGBW: An acronym for Red, Green, Blue, and White. This color scheme effortlessly blends these primary colors to produce a full spectrum of hues, including purple, pink, yellow, and orange. Experience complete color versatility with choices for flashing, fading, and strobing effects.

  2. Flow Series/Color Chasing: Representing the latest in color styles, this option builds upon the RGBW palette. It provides access to over 120 distinct sequential light patterns and a multitude of color combinations, elevating your vehicle's visual appeal.